Biografia Marco Pancrazi

Marco Pancrazi is an Italian Actor. He was born in Tivoli, close to Rome, on October 23, 1983.
He attended the Institute of Technology in Tivoli, Italy. He received a degree in Sport Sciences from the Italian University Sport and Movements I.U.S.M., of Rome, Italy, in 2007.
Marco started with Martial Arts young at twelve years old, practicing Viet Vo Dao, and getting the 3rd Dang in 2011.
Ever, since he was young, he always loved extreme sports. He practiced various disciplines including Parkour, Freerun, Gymnastics, Breakdance, Snowboard, Motocross, Horse Riding, Fencing, and many others.
Marco's onscreen career began in 2004, working as a stuntman. He got jobs in great movies, with nice directors and good actors. Some of those: Spike Lee, Ron Howard, Woody Allen, Penelope Cruz, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, Emile Hirsch.
Whilst working as a stuntman, Marco started taking acting lessons and getting his first small roles.

He started studying drama with Frida Bruno and Massimiliano Milesi. On his path he met Antonietta Franceschi, Michael John Gonzalez, Nathan Osgood, Vincent Riotta. But he focused on learning The Method with Michael Margotta and Francesca Viscardi, Life Members of the Actors Studio in New York City, and direct students of Lee Strasberg.
On December 2011 he closed his career as stuntman being Emile Hirsch's double. Twenty days later he was in Theatre with The Dumb Waiter - by Harold Pinter directed by Vincent Riotta.
The same year, Marco started his cooperation with Alfonso Bergamo, getting some leading roles, in La Battaglia dei Colori and The Labyrinth, which won four Awards in USA.
After that they worked together again, in The Composition, May 2012.
He moved to London in 2011 to improve his english, where he did part-time work including being a waiter and bartender. He got some acting jobs as well.
He decided to move to Los Angeles at the end of the year, and take up acting.
In his spare time he enjoys directing and writing poetry and screenplays.