Biografia Craig Peritz

Craig Peritz (USA, 1968) has worked as an actor, director and writer for over twenty-five years. He has a political science degree from The University of Maine and also studied acting at The Juilliard School. His work and life was greatly influenced by the guidance of Judith Malina, Hanon Reznikov, Joseph Chaikin and Mark Hall Amitin. In 1997, he became part of The Living Theatre with which he created dozens of plays on three different continents in various languages. In 2011, he began his collaboration with Alfonso Bergamo and Look Inside with a lead role in the short film THE LABYRINTH, followed by THE COMPOSITION in 2012, which he co-starred in as well as co-wrote with Bergamo. He is currently working on Look Inside's first full-length production scheduled for shooting in 2013. Besides his collaboration with Look Inside, he teaches acting at the European Union Academy of Theatre and Cinema in Rome while also working as an actor, director, voice-over artist and translator.